Who Are We?

Neho Media is a team of Millennials on a mission to help businesses grow with real relationships and ethical marketing. We are results-driven, fast, and only create ethical growth marketing solutions compliant to your industry. While ethics is a subjective topic, our stance is to promote honesty, fairness, and responsibility in all our marketing.

In this internet age, speed is everything. We take pride in our game-changing model that challenges most traditional agencies. While our team is based in Perth, we work virtually with clients all across Australia.

It allows us to streamline processes so you can receive fast deliverables, and rapidly adapt to the changing social landscape (i.e. covid). Not only do you save money by not paying for our ridiculously fancy office space, but you won’t miss the 30 minute drive to meetings when Zoom only takes 30 seconds. 

We work with clients that are willing to do things a little differently, but better. Expect to be treated as business partners as we encourage you to reach your growth potential, celebrate your success and support you through those tough days. 

Our Scientific Approach.

We are often recognised for our direct response advertising campaigns that position your ideal clients to make a booking or sale. It is how we shorten your traditional sales cycle. Paired with systems and data, this is how we repeat ad campaign success and deliver predictable results. 

Meet Christilyn 👋

Director and Growth Strategist At Neho Media
Director and Growth Strategist At Neho Media

Originally from Singapore, I moved to Australia in the early 2000s. Only to find out that a year later, I was battling with a severe medical condition.

It meant I spent a significant amount of time in different hospitals and clinics to recover. But during this time, I grew a greater appreciation for the extraordinary humans that help improve the quality of life for individuals like myself.

At that point, I noticed significant problems these business owners would repeatedly face - The inability to grow their business due to the inconsistent number of clients coming in each month. Having a new part-time (let alone full-time) team member would become a financial burden if their appointments were not filled.

So they look for help.

Most would seek help from renowned marketing agencies but leave burnt with a bad aftertaste.

This is because traditional marketing agencies are focused on delivering "copy and paste" services... rather than partnering with business owners to develop results-driven client attraction and retention systems.

When an agency is not specialised in your industry, they are often unaware of the ethical implications and legalities of marketing & advertising. More often, causing tainted reputations, penalties and fines. This is why I founded Neho Media.

Our team of millennials are hungry overachievers and practice radical transparency to look for solutions together. We are results-driven, fast and ethical. Working with us is refreshing because we understand service businesses - the good, bad, and the pain points you typically face (healthcare and beauty industry in particular).

Our mission is simple: we help businesses grow with real relationships and ethical marketing systems.

If you’d like to find out how we can work together, book a free strategy session below or message me on your favourite social platform.

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