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Get More Followers Using Interactive Instagram Story Ads | Step by Step Tutorial

Want to get more Instagram followers for your business page? Or do you need affordable and volume high converting website traffic?

Instagram has made a new update to run interactive polls on Instagram ads. Depending on your ad campaign objective, this can increase Instagram followers, traffic, leads and conversions.

So why interactive Instagram story ads?

? It’s one of the cheapest cost for traffic at this point in time. Instagram stories is a relatively new platform that attracts a wide demographic. Not just young teenagers, the average age demographic is 18-49+

? This type of ad takes up the viewers ENTIRE mobile phone screen for 15 seconds? which means more hyper-attentive attention! This is unlike other native Facebook newsfeed ads that distract the viewer with comments, new posts, suggestions, and so forth.

? Humans LOVE to feel as if their voice is being heard. (I mean, no one likes to be ignored). By adding interactive elements such as polls and questions, it encourages people to give their attention which leads to longer watch time and a more memorable ad.?

? 60% of businesses on Instagram already use Insta stories as an interactive and more personal way to tell their story.

Advertisers in Instagram’s beta launch have already seen success using poll sticker in ads. Brands like Dunkin Donuts reduced their cost per video view by a whopping 20%, and Next Games Polling ad led to a 40% increase in app installs.

At the end of the day, it is essential for business owners always to improve the user experience of current and future customers. This new Instagram Poll feature has done just that by getting viewers to engage with ad content that was once annoying and disruptive on the story feed.

P.s. ALWAYS take advantage of updates before it gets saturated. These social platforms create these tools so you can grow your business (when you make bank, they make bank) and gain a serious advantage to your competitors.

Want To Set Up Your First Instagram Interactive Ad?

Do this in 5 simple steps:?

  1. Head over to Facebook business manager or ads manager >>?
  2. Create a new campaign and select Instagram stories as your ONLY ad placement.
  3. When uploading your image or video creative make sure it fits the 9:16 aspect ratio size ? meaning it needs to fit the entire phone screen. If it doesn?t, you can always crop it using the tool within the image/video section.
  4. Once the content is uploaded, select the checkbox ?Add an interactive poll?.
  5. Ask relevant questions that spark a conversation with your community (tip: make sure it resonates with your ad and your community!

It’s as simple as that!

If you run into any issues, feel free to contact us here.


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