Grow Your Clinic, Studio, Or Salon Business: $0 – $30k/month 

GRA is a business systems & social media marketing program to help small biz owners build a strong foundation for rapid growth

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🙋🏻‍♀️ Do you own a clinic, salon or studio that provides a specialised service?
📉 Have your sales been stagnating or isn’t growing as quickly as you imagine?
💃🏻 Want to grow a business beyond yourself – stop working IN your biz and start working ON your biz?
🤳🏻 Wonder how you can use social media and marketing to get consistent sales and bookings?

This is the online coaching program you’ve been looking for!

Hi I’m Christilyn, I run an agency @NehoMedia that’s based in Perth, Australia. Over the years I’ve flown around Australia to consult and coach businesses, along with providing our done-for-you services at the agency.

I’ve helped to start, launch and grow business from humble beginnings to over 6-7 figures a year. After years of working with only health and beauty clients, I’ve created the formula for growing these specific businesses quickly.

Upon growing my agency, I realised that a lot of small businesses do not have the right structure and team to scale for growth – so even if we can get you 5-15 NEW clients a week, they could not cope with this volume week by week.

The other issue these small biz owners faced was the lack of budget to get help from an agency. I was turning down people that were trying to hire us to run their Ads for them simply because it wouldn’t work with their current set up and systems. 

This is when I realised that they needed further help to show them the roadmap to what it takes to grow a 6-7 figure business. I started 1:1 coaching with clients and realised that they grew quickly after following my roadmap for rapid growth. But as my business grew, I was unable to keep up the demand for 1:1 coaching. 

This is how Grassroots Accelerator was created. I’m now working on an online program that helps health and beauty small business owners prepare for rapid growth. This means generating consistent sales to at least $25k/month just by creating systems and leveraging on social media to grow. 

With this new system, you’ll be able to hire a team and grow your business revenue to multiple 6-7 figures. And finally, create the business and life you dream of. 

It is important to create a life and business that you love, or you’ll find that you’ll start hating your life, and the business will just become another job (that we all hate!). 

We help total beginners that are experts in their field but have no business experience to set up the foundations for rapid growth.

As service providers, more often we find ourselves being excellent “workers” rather than “business owners”. At GRA, we’ll teach you to become true business owners with a lifestyle that you love. Learn how to work “on” the business and not “in” it. 

This is how extremely lucrative businesses are created, while you can still enjoy working in your craft for 2-3 days a week, rather than 6 days a week. 

This is how I can help. I may not be the best dermal therapist, health professional, or lash & brow artist. But I can most definitely help you grow your business with marketing and systems – to help people see the value in your brand and your services. 

If this sounds like you, sign up to receive an exclusive Pre-Sale discount ($499 off) before I launch!  

Is This Course Right For You?

Course Curriculum

  • The balance between profit and lifestyle 
  • Design your roadmap 
  • It’s all in the business model
  • Your ideal client avatar 
  • Creating an impactful brand identity
  • Niching down on your services
  • Health is wealth
  • It starts with you. 
  • What do you really want?
  • Finding a support network 
  • See it to believe it 
  • Accounting & Cashflow Secrets
  • Automate Bookings, deposits, and follow ups
  • The money is in the follow up 
  • Client retention is everything
  • Sales script and process
  • Upselling, downselling, and getting referrals

  • Rebooking system 

  • How to leverage off reviews 

  • Objection handling

  • How to measure success 

  • Repurpose 1 piece of content onto 6 platforms (FB, Tiktok, Reels, Linkedin, Youtube, Blog)
  • Batch a month’s worth of content in 2 days
  • Staying top of mind 
  • Social media growth hacking
  • Influencer marketing
  • The instagram & FB algorithm 
  • Content that attracts
  • Copywriting that converts
  • Staying top of mind with Social Media Ads
  • When to use Google, Social Media or Youtube Ads
  • Creating viral style Ads
  • A/B testing and optimisation 
  • Filling the calendar every month 
  • The best websites, landing pages and funnels
  • It’s all about user experience and conversions (website)
  • Email marketing automation 
  • Increase your revenue with repeat customers 
  • Team growth, hiring and outsourcing
  • Are you ready to hire or outsource?
  • What should your first hire be?
  • Recruiting the best talent (not the scraps) 
  • How to hire effectively (automation)
  • Company culture & retain your team 
  • Setting targets and motivation

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