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How To Set Up Telehealth For Your Practice – Best Practices To Increase Online Bookings

You’ve probably heard of Telehealth (online consult) and may have recently implemented it, but you’re not getting any bookings.

I’ve seen lots of mistakes on how physio practices are promoting telehealth on their website and on social media. They provide way too much or little info that does not educate or address the patients concerns and objections. You can imagine this is a pretty new thing to them too.

Here are some simple tips you and your team can implement to give yourself the best chance to get online patient bookings. We will be touching base on:

1. Telehealth Staff Training
2. Website & Social Media Content Update
3. Copywriting and Rebates

1. Telehealth Staff Training
(Suitability, how to deliver online services, online patient retention)

There’s a lot of free training and information on the APA and Facebook Australia Telehealth groups.  If you’re looking for more expert advice to gain confidence to deliver these services and retain clients, Karen Finnin provides good free and paid resources (she runs a successful online physio telehealth called “” and works with the APA). Scroll down the site to see if the course curriculum is suitable:

This can be limited in terms of marketing as it does not suggest how to market/advertise these services, which is what I will be addressing below.

2. Make sure your website has the following

a) Add “Online Consults” into your website top header bar, instead of placing it under the ‘services” section. This is so that leads and clients will know that you offer online services immediately.

b) Create a dedicated website page for Telehealth.

    • This is important as this will be a service every business will need to implement even after our economy recovers. Take time to create a good page with concise information, and content to break up the text.
    • Make sure to have a call to action at the end (book online).
    • Include instructions on how they can book it online (especially if your booking software is not user friendly).
    • Always give the option to call your reception to book a video consult. 

3. Copywriting and Rebates

Make sure your website and Social Media Content have the following:


    1. Avoid Health Care Jargon
      Promote Telehealth as “Online Video Physio Consults” or “Video Physio Consults”. Every day people do not understand health professional jargon, you can let them know this is also called Telehealth.

    2. How it works
      List the benefits of online VS in house. Talk about the simplicity of online consults within the comfort of your own home: Just need a computer or a phone with video camera and audio. Easy to use, safe, privacy.

    3. Suitable candidate for Telehealth
      The APA covers this, and also the course I linked above also covers this.

    4. Limitations
      Mention that there will be no hands-on therapy > if needed, you can refer them. You can include an offer where if you find out that a patient needs manual therapy or come in house in the initial online consult, you can offset the fee from the in-house consultation/treatment.

    5. Private health rebate, gov rebate
      Government is offering gap-free online physio for certain cases (e.g. quarantine, elderly). Currently, some private health does cover online consultations. More will be updating their policies within the next few weeks.

    6. Price
      Tip: create an offer for introduction to let people try this new service (p.s. create offers within the APHRA guidelines).
      You can also create a special offer for current patients and personally contact these clients via email, call, or text (it’s easier to retain clients than to get new ones).

    7. Social Media Links
      On social media, make sure to insert a link to the telehealth landing page at the end of the caption and ask patients to book in.
      If organic (unpaid) posts are not getting much attention on social media, consider doing paid ads by boosting posts, or get an social media ads expert to create a campaign for this new service offering.

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